About Us

Started with the aim to make the path to prayers easier, Purohitin.com is one of the popular websites that not just helps in booking a purohit online, but also assists with the entire event. It covers all the Hindu rituals and related aspects. We also provide astrologers and caterers so that you get all the necessities for your ritual, be it a small one, or a bigger one.

Today, we find almost all aspects online- be it products or services. However, during any ritual, a Sanatani, especially who is new to a place, has to go on searching for a purohit, and the stores where the required materials are available. They often rely on their neighbours. But there are very less online sources available to them that would meet their requirements. Also, there are times we look for astrologers in order to meet our needs. We are not sure if the astrologer we come across is reliable or not. It often creates a confusion within us. This is where Purohitin comes to rescue.